Startup CEOs usually have their heads full of ideas for future growth. Investors usually like this. But, investors also like CEOs who have a clear prioritisation and what happens next.

  • Use your core business, most important activity to introduce the pitch to the investor. Adding too many tangents before the audience has grasped your concept fully will just confuse people.
  • Now, make a clear break and introduce future growth options. If there are lots, rank/time them somehow.
  • And yes, it is OK to be not 100% certain of which growth options you are going to use 5 years from now. Present the most likely case in full detail, and show the sort of trade offs you need to be making. (Obviously, don't reveal this lack of confidence for things that are going to happen in the next 5 weeks).

Art: Fritz Beinke, The Juggler, 1873

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