I get this question a lot from (potential) clients in Europe and here in Israel. Ten years ago, I would have answered the question with a usual rundown of presentation design basics: not too many bullet points, visual slides, etc. etc.

But in 2016, I think the playing field has levelled. Audiences in any country now recognise a good or a bad presentation.

There are still differences between audiences though, but they do not differ across geographical boundaries. Here are some contrasts that I often come across. It is especially in these situations that an outside presentation designer can help to bridge the cultural gap.

  • Engineers that need to present to more sales & marketing oriented people
  • Engineers that need to present to potential customers
  • Founder/inventors that need to present to potential investors
  • Small company that needs to present to a big trade show and/or large Fortune500 company
  • Internally focused managers (production, logistics, finance) that need to present to an outside audience (M&A due diligence for example)
  • Local subsidiary that needs to present to corporate headquarters
  • CEO that needs to present to Wall Street analysts
  • Sales Director who needs to present to distribution partners

When presenting to someone outside your typical circle of "audiences" it is important to put yourself in their shoes. Simply recycling your usual presentation is unlikely to work.

Art: Jasper Johns, Flag, 1954


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