The advantage of being a small operation is that decisions can be executed quickly. My branding has moved from "Axiom One", "Slides that Stick", "Sticky Slides", "Idea Transplant" to "Slide Magic".

SlideMagic is the name of my app, and Idea Transplant stayed the name of my professional presentation design business. I am now retiring Idea Transplant. The name is fantastic, and says exactly what I do, but it is not very catchy "can you spell that email address one more time please?", and is confusing to clients. My presentation design app does not get any "brand aura" (buzz word alert), and most importantly, the blog name SlideMagic does not add value to my professional presentation design business.

So to keep things clean and simple, Idea Transplant will be come "Slidemagic Bespoke" with the same look and feel as the app. In practice, people will call it "SlideMagic" with the bespoke bit mainly used as a small tag line on the web site.

I am now also going through the clean up of all my social media accounts. Bare with me as I cleaning up all the correct URL redirects etc.

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