Shortly after writing my post about cold emails, I received a cold, automated phone message. They did one thing right, don't call from a number with hidden id. But then:

  • It took a few seconds to start the message, presumably enabling me to say "good morning, who is calling"?
  • Then the message started (I heard the crackling recording background noise kicking in).
  • The voice that of a famous radio news reader, did not sound natural
  • And worst of all it started of with: "I know that these type of message.." [beep] [beep] [beep]

I wasted 2 seconds on this.

Now, automated sales messages are not the same as follow up calls for checking whether your recipient got the presentation you emailed, but still think about the parallels. An unplanned incoming phone call is always a disruption, an apology makes the experience even worse and will cost you valuable seconds. 

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