I got my hands on a the new Amazon Kindle "Oasis" (affiliate link). It is the 3rd Kindle device I bought. The first one for the sheer benefit of not having to ship physical books across the Atlantic to Israel, the second one after the e-ink, "alway on" screen was implemented, and now the super light Kindle Oasis.

What I like:

  • Super light, compact build. About as high as high as an iPhone 6, but wider. The screen size is more or less the same is my old Kindle, the edges just got a lot thinner. It is the perfect aspect ratio for reading.
  • The device fits nicely in your hand, with more battery bulk added to one side of the device. Keeping the weight close to your hand makes the device feel lighter. This lever effect makes the iPad feel heavy when held with one hand. 
  • A fantastic screen. "Retina" crisp. Works in bright daylight, works at night. (The latter apparently without disturbing your sleep patterns)

What I don't like:

  • Poor battery life. Well this is relative, but I got spoiled with my previous Kindle that I could charge every week or so. The protective cover adds an extra battery, but also a lot of weight to the device.
  • The touch screen page switching behaviour is sometimes a bit unpredictable. 
  • The price: almost $300.

Overall a great device and worth the upgrade from my ancient Kindle. If you currently own a Kindle Paperweight though, maybe wait for an upgrade with better battery performance.

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