Every couple of years I am installing a Windows machine on my Mac, either to check how SlideMagic looks on corporate computers, and now, because I need access to Microsoft Office development features that are not available on a Mac. I went through Windows 8, then Windows 7, and now Windows 10. This time, I am not using the Parallels virtual machine, which allows you to run Mac and Windows applications side-by-side. I always found it slow, cumbersome, and oh boy, if you double clicked the wrong file your virtual machine would boot up, start the Microsoft update process, etc.

I must say, the whole Windows experience is fantastic (I mainly use Chrome, and Microsoft Office). If you need to work a lot with the file manager, you still see some left overs from past designs, but speaking of design, the overall look & feel might actually be better than Mac OS X.

Most hardware for Windows are still low cost / ugly corporate laptops or machines for home use. But, the combination of Apple hardware and Windows is a pretty nice one. I think there is a market opportunity for a super beautiful, super powerful, Windows machine aimed at creatives / designers, priced above Apple.