Today, I added a slide to the SlideMagic template store that shows how I usually visualise some sort of competitive comparison or product differentiation. I took SlideMagic itself as an example:

  • A simple yes/no table
  • Use the accent colour to emphasise features
  • Sort columns and rows in order to keep as many "yes" boxes together in a nice pattern

The slide pretty much sums up how I see SlideMagic. In the app, it is really easy to change slides, in PowerPoint it can be a bit of an exercise to add a column in a 4x5 grid and keep everything nice and organised. Most online template stores try to hard with design that look horrible when pasted into a corporate PowerPoint template, and most of all, template stores are run by designers and not by former strategy consultants, so they won't always have the charts you actually need most in a business presentation.

Feel free to "steal" my design and copy it yourself, or download it instantly from the SlideMagic PowerPoint template store. Have a look at other slides in the template store about competition and competitive advantage.

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

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