TechCrunch posted a list of contestants at the latest  Y Combinator demo day, and you can learn from the one-liners that describe the company. A few words capture the essence of a pitch and instantly makes it clear what the company does, and even more importantly, teases you to find out more about a potentially interesting idea. 

No buzzwords, filler words, no hype. See how the headlines use concepts that we already know, often brands of established companies. This is a quick memory short cut for a story that would have taken 30 minutes to explain to someone in 1995 who never heard of Palantir.

Voodoo Manufacturing – A robotic 3D printing factory
Volt Health – An electrical stimulation medical device
Terark – Making databases faster
Wright Electric – Boeing for electric airplanes
Speak – AI english tutor
NanoNets – A machine learning API
Scribe – Automating sales development representatives
Breaker – Making podcasts a real business
Bitrise – Automated build/test/deploy for mobile apps
Fibo – Mobile work tracking for construction teams
Paragon One – Career coaching from real professionals
Tress – A social community for black women’s hairstyles
Bicycle AI – Automated AI customer support
Vize Software – Self-Serve Palantir
Simple Habit – Netflix for meditation
Snappr – On-demand pro photographers
IQBoxy – Software that replaces human bookkeepers
Beek – Book review site for Latin America
Bulk MRO – Industrial supplies for India
Soomgo – Thumbtack for South Korea
Cartcam – Shopping app for the Snapchat generation
Peer5 – P2P Serverless CDN – Automatically mining trading strategies
SmartAlto – Software suite for commercial real estate – Predictive assistant that anticipates your needs
Zestful – Employee activities as a subscription service
Arthena – Art investing for everyone
Mednet – Stack Overflow for oncologists
Penny – A mobile personal finance coach
Moneytis – The cheapest way to send money abroad
Hogaru – Cleaning for SMBs in Latin America
Bulletin – WeWork for retail space
Sycamore – Onboarding drivers for on-demand jobs
Aella Credit – Consumer and low-income lending platform
Tolemi – Software to help cities find distressed properties
Niles – Conversational wiki for business
Upcall – Outbound calls as a service
KidPass – One pass for “amazing activities for kids”
Lively – Modern healthcare savings account (HSA)
Indigo Fair – Amazon for local retailers
Collectly – Stripe for medical debt collection
Tetra – Automatic notes for business meetings
FloydHub – Heroku for deep learning
ACLU – A non-profit you might know

Image via WikiPedia