Some potential clients walk away after a first meeting to discuss a presentation design project, and you can read the face that clearly says "he does not understand it (and how does he have the courage to charge such a fee for the project".

Well, that is exactly the point. If you failed to explain things to me in a low risk 1-hour briefing of a presentation designer, you will for sure fail in a high-stake 20 minute investor pitch.

There are 2 important milestones you need to pass as a presentation designer:

  1. A certain level of visualization skills
  2. The confidence to know that if you don't get it, nobody will, i.e., the target audience also does not get it. "Not getting it" is not your problem.

Getting number 2 right is a lot harder than number 1.

The most expensive part of the project is getting me to a level where I understand things, once that happens, designing the slides is the relatively easy part of the process.

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