I love to use this golf-related concept to visualise a situation where something is almost done, it just needs a little push.

Visually, the image is highly recognisable. Similar to resolution in music (the listener is just craving the moment when the unstable note resolves into a stable / root one), here the eye can already mentally see the ball disappearing in the hole. There is tension, anticipation of movement in the chart without any video or animation effects.

The second advantage of this composition is that golf courts by design provide an abundant amount of white space (the grass) on which to put your text.

In my slide, I reconstructed the golf ball using a PowerPoint shape, a circle with a touch of gradient and a shadow constructed from an oval shape. As a result, you can control the size, position, and colour of the ball precisely. Feel free to borrow the design or download the ready slide here. Subscribers can do this free of charge. 

Cover image by Andrew Rice on Unsplash

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