All my data charts have the same simple look and feel, inspired by the format that I started using on my first day as a McKinsey consultant.


They are different from the default PowerPoint data chart templates:


I have added the above 4 simple charts to the SlideMagic template store. You can set them as templates in your own PowerPoint applications (Mac screen shot, but I think Windows is exactly the same). Select the chart, click chart design, click change chart design, then go to the bottom of the menu and save the chart as a template. This methods is easier than sending you the actual template files and getting you to store them deep down in the computer's file directories.


Repeat this process 4x for each of the slide designs in the file.

Now, the next time you insert a standard PowerPoint chart, you can instantly re-format it to look like a SlideMagic chart by selecting it, clicking slide design, then clicking change chart design again, and now you will see a new option, templates, from which you can pick the file you just saved. 

Screenshot 2018-02-07 09.18.42.png

You can download the default data chart templates from the store here.

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