A short summary of Mark Suster's blog post where he argues that startups should send VCs the entire file, not a link:

  • Tracking, tracing, monitoring, of who read what where and how long actually discourages people
  • He likes to file his documents to come back to them later to look at development and self-destructing links to not allow that
  • It adds friction to an already short 3 minute process
  • (And I would add: do what the VC is used to, and most of them have been dealing with decks since the 1990s)

What is a good deck for sending? Well, one that does not contain confidential information: product pipelines, salaries, etc. Assume that your competition will read the slides sooner or later, and there should be no harm when this happens. I have seen it on the other side with my clients, they would forward me a deck of a competitor and we would actually not get any info out of it, but rather admire that powerful pitch that the others created. So, it might actually be a benefit if your competitors see your slides :-)

Cover image by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

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