Most companies have them: a slide deck with market size data by geography, segment, etc. Every quarter, half year, year, the source data gets updated. How to present it?

Maybe first: how not to present it. Create a slide for every breakdown in the report before thinking what the data means or is telling you. Then read out the percentages and growth rates page by page to the bored audience.

A better approach. Build an appendix that contains a good overview of all the data in the report. These charts are meant for reading, reference material to look up a number. Because the breakdowns and set up of the data is unlikely to change from quarter to quarter, people will get used to your chart layouts and can find their way quickly in the report.

Now drop the report all together and write down the key market trends you have experienced yourself. Open up your appendix charts and look whether these trends are reflected in the numbers. Adjust your list. Now, and only now, start making charts that back up the key trends you identified. The charts should only present the relevant data, a chart with just 3 numbers could do the trick. For broader context, people can open the appendix.

Cover image by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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