Screenshot 2019-10-30 16.18.11.png

I am focusing on increasing the template database and in the process encounter more ways to make working with SlideMagic faster, and slides prettier. After the past days:

  • Various bug fixes, and code cleanups. I can now laugh at some of the code I wrote at the very beginning of this project, what was I thinking…

  • A proper way to deal with text overflow in boxes, things look professional now when font sizes are getting to big

  • The grid bars now light up when you select shapes

  • A allowed bolding of text with CTRL-CMD B, unlike bullet points, I think this actually does add something to the slide (not yet reflected in PowerPoint and PDF conversions, I might have to write a text block parser to make this happen).

  • Building on bold text, I made the overall font thinner

  • And I added slide subtitles as a fixed feature to each slide template.

To be continued

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