Before putting your pitch deck together in it is good to think about where your audience stands. Investors can have varying backgrounds and knowledge about a certain market. Also the stage in her due diligence process will make a difference.

  • Is she even aware of this market? “What, x million people in the world buy product y?

  • Does she understand that you are addressing a problem? “What, all this is still done manually in 2019?”

  • Is she overlooking a possible solution? “Hey, I did not know that you could apply technology x to do y!”

  • She has seen hundreds of your type of startups and wants to dive straight into the traction numbers to see how you stack up.

  • She gets the opportunity, but is wondering about the quality of the team (including you)

Different audience, different priorities in the deck

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

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