People use the same software to create them, but they are very different.

Project documents:

  • Full of detail, assumptions, footnotes (“Harry wants to make sure that everyone knows that the data does not include South America”), disclaimers

  • Many authors (captains, holders of the pen)

  • Team members have seen page 25 over and over again (“ Why does it still say $23m profit there?)

  • No problem editing them live on Google Docs with 5 people in 4 different locations

  • Aesthetics can be compromised in order to squeeze that extra row in

  • The has agreed on a way forward through discussion, now let’s write it down on the pages


  • Introduce an audience for the first time to a story

  • The audience still needs to be convinced of the way forward

  • Usually one person delivering a carefully crafted pitch

  • Poor aesthetics can definitely harm the effectiveness of the pitch

SlideMagic 2.0 will address document type number 2.

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

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