SlideMagic is all about cutting the time that people spend on creating and sitting through presentations. Most presentation decks are decision documents where people need to agree on a deal, budget, or plan. Things need to look decent, but most of all, they should be effective and simple to put together.

What can help a lot is developing your own visual language. A very limited set of slide layouts that look good, and you know how to manipulate and customise to the specific situation. You will be surprised how few templates you need to build a business presentation. Most slides show an image of something, make 3 points, compare 2 options across 4 dimensions. It only takes a few layouts to cover these.

So with your own (small) slide template library:

  • You work faster
  • You can invest time to make them look good, it will pay of when you use them again
  • You create presentations that are very recognisable "you"

The standard slides in the SlideMagic template store are pretty much my personal template library. (By standard I mean the tables and text grids, not the slide with the herd of sheep for example). As a professional presentation designer, my required library is probably far bigger than the one you need. 


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