I think the success rate of convincing people in political rants/debates is exactly 0%, and this tweet reminds me of that:

Some things to remember when convincing people:

  • You can probably only convince people that are somewhat in the center between view points, forget about those who are extreme/too far away.
  • Telling your opponents that you are stupid, is a sure guarantee that they refuse to even listen to you (or people probably have to like you somewhat in order to believe you).
  • Getting a resounding round of applause and lots of likes by people who agree with you is nice, but is no success indicator whether you changed anyone's mind
  • Think what moves people on the other side, then work backwards to how that relates to their viewpoint on the specific issue that is on the table.
  • People are not segmented in 2 camps across all issues (the way it looks like on election day), so stereotyping is unlikely to work.

(* End of rant *)

Cover image by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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