This is what Trump presented to Kim:

What do you think? It has the Duarte "What is, what could be"-type of approach.

My take. The idea of showing a movie is actually a good one. The whole movie is not my style, but it might just work given the audience (both Trump and Kim): sentimental, focusing on the individuals and the once-in-a-century-opportunity that is here to take or leave.

Thinking of Kim, there are 2 things that could have been emphasised more:

  • I think he would be very sensitive to what his father might have thought of what he did for his country (or, maybe actually the ruling family itself). Some shots of his father with an approving smile could have fit right in.
  • The film could have put in more "visions" of grandiose infrastructure projects, I think these will resonate better than advances in science or the economy.

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