Mary Meeker published her 2018 Internet Report: hundreds of PowerPoint slides filled with dense information. This is a presentation for pondering and study, rather than seeing it as a backdrop for an entertaining TED talk. For this purpose, the slides look pretty decent. I picked a random slide from the beginning of the deck and tried to improve things a bit in "SlideMagic-style"

Mary Meeker original slide.png

Here are some things I changed:

  • The KPCB template features the very heavy coloured bar at the top of the page, I took it out, and tried to apply the fresher green colour that was used for the branding of the web site of the document
  • The duplications of the titles were eliminated
  • The vertical chart axis and grid lines are not required, I took them out
  • I edited the title to make it shorter, put the growth point in the title, the absolute hour value as a bubble
  • The columns don't add up because of rounding, I left it that way, but usually, I would change the value of the biggest column segment to make the numbers add up, it somehow looks sloppy when there are "calculation errors"
  • The legend was hard to read and difficult to link to the data series, I moved them to the right
  • I made the mobile data series pop more with stronger colouring
  • I stretched the data chart a bit horizontally to use the maximum possible space

A complete purist would argue that this chart is actually the wrong one to support the 4% growth point, there are no growth percentages anywhere on the chart.

I put up the above slide on the SlideMagic template store, anyone can download this one free of charge.

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