I found this slide in a recent McKinsey article:

McKinsey - 3 strategies for organic growth.png

I created a make over of this chart, making it simpler:

  • Remove the icons, they are faint and not clear
  • Cut down unnecessary text: capture, create value, out of the business, you can say the same thing with much less text
  • Use this created space to increase the font size
  • Center the text, the paragraph shape of the existing text in the round shapes does not look good.
  • Re-order some of the terms in the text, to make it fit the shape better, some might not like "business models" now appearing before "services" for example.
  • Move around the text blocks until they fit the shape more or less. The off center moons will never lead to a perfect composition.

Here is the result:

The slide might look a little bit less sophisticated, but it is definitely easier to understand, and quicker to create. And that's what business presentations should all be about.

I have added a modified version of the original 3-circle Venn diagram to the SlideMagic template store, you can find it here. Subscribers can download this template free of charge. If you are interested in learning more about McKinsey presentations, check out older McKinsey-related posts on the blog

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