I came across this slide in an investor presentation of a public company the other day. The slide is in the public domain, but still I disguised the branding in order not to "picking" on a specific company. It is an example of a slide that is probably a leftover of an internal consulting project that evaluated different market segments. In that context, it was probably useful, in this context (the investor who was never part of the consulting project team), it is hard to grasp what is going on in five seconds.

Below you can see my makeover.

  • On purpose, I stuck to a simple, no-nonsense, everyday, "anyone-can-do" presentation style. Managers should be spending their time on running a company, not experimenting with fancy graphics in presentations
  • I changed the design to a simple column chart that ties everything together. The original slide had market sizes, growth, potential, history, all in different places.
  • I removed that 1 data point column chart that never makes sense
  • I took out the packaging images with labels that were hard to read
Slide after the makeover.png


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