Some things to check once you think you have finished your presentation:

  • Are the fonts consistent throughout the presentation? Are have default Arials/Calibris managed to sneak in? 
  • Are font sizes in comparable boxes the same?
  • Are the headlines all in the same place on every slide?
  • Are objects in each slide aligned, and properly distributed?
  • Are the proper colours used on every slide, including data charts, or do you still see standard PowerPoint colours anywhere?
  • Are all images in the proper aspect ratio, without distortion?
  • Did you include an attribution to creative common images?
  • In case you will be displaying the presentation on another computer, have you checked Windows/Mac rendering issues? Sometimes fonts are rendered in slightly different sizes, causing words to drop to the second line.
  • Is data properly rounded up?

Now you see why SlideMagic has 1 font, 1 accent colour, and a strict grid that makes it impossible to misalign objects or put titles in the wrong places.

Art: Berthe Morisot, Hanging the Laundry out to Dry, 1875
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