A lecture about designing sales and investor presentations

A series of videos of a lecture Jan Schultink gave at NYU in 2011. Venture capitalist Mark Suster (author of the blog Both sides of the table) introduced Jan's talk. The event was hosted buy SalesCrunch (a startup that was renamed Crunched, and later acquired by Clearslide). The content of my talk closely follows the topics discussed in my book about presentation design.

Let's start with Mark's introduction.


Mark Suster has done live pitches in front of the camera. Here is my review of one them. His feedback to the pitching investors is interesting. But what is more interesting is observing his body language. Mark has created a great library of his blog posts about pitching to VCs

Below are the videos of my presentation design seminar that followed. There were 2 sessions, one on designing investor presentations, and one on designing sales presentations. About half of the content in the talk overlaps.