Create your first slide

Go to the DECKS menu, and click NEW, a blank presentation will appear, watch the video below to see how you can create a simple list from a blank slide layout.

Customise the BRANDING

  • Accent colour, click any box and bring up the colour menu
  • Logo, click one of the logo boxes (top right on page 1, bottom right on other pages)
  • Cover image, click the big rectangle on the cover page

Click for lager image

Cloning templates and importing slides from existing presentations

Why reinvent the wheel? There are 3 ways to re-use slides:

  1. Clone a template. Go to the TEMPLATES menu, select one of the template presentations and hit CLONE.
  2. Import entire presentations. Go to the IMPORT menu, select a presentation (this can be a template as well) and hit LOAD.
  3. Search and import specific slides. Go to the STORY view. Select SEARCH SLIDES. Enter a keyword (or select an image) in the search bar and pick the slides you want to use.

Sharing presentations

There are 3 ways to share your presentation:

  1. PDF: select the menu option and the file will be emailed to you
  2. PowerPoint: hit the button in the main menu and the PPTX file will be emailed to you
  3. View-only link: click the SHARE menu. Recipients can view, but not edit, your presentation, and will continue to see modified versions as you continue to make changes. The link expires after 30 days.
  4. Editable link via the SHARE menu. Recipients can clone the presentation to their own SlideMagic account. After the presentation is cloned, edits you make to the original presentation will not be reflected anymore in the cloned presentation (and vice versa). The link expires in 30 days.

Productivity hacks

You can select more than one cell at the same time by shift-clicking

Screenshot 2015-07-09 13.59.28.png
Screenshot 2015-07-09 14.00.26.png

You can stay in the EDIT OBJECT SHAPE dialogue to tackle multiple objects


Data charts

Watch the video below to see how a basic bar chart is created. Column charts and stack charts work in a similar way.

Frequently asked

How is my presentation saved?
We are saving all your changes constantly in the background, no need to worry about saving presentations.

Can I convert to PowerPoint?
Yes! Simply hit the conversion button in the main menu

Does SlideMagic work offline?
SlideMagic runs in your browser and needs a live internet connection

Can I suggest features?
Of course! Send suggestions to support at slidemagic dot com

Still cannot find what you are looking for?

  • Try the SlideMagic support site, which more detailed explanations
  • Contact us at support at slidemagic dot com