I like using comic cartoons in my presentations. This one is a classic about mis-communication in a (software development?) project. It can work well in presentations during corporate retreats. With a little creative cutting and pasting you can make an attractive slide sequence.
The (small) text under each image (click the image for a larger picture):
  1. How the customer explained it
  2. How the project leader understood it
  3. How the analyst designed it
  4. How the programmer wrote it
  5. How the business consultant described it
  6. How the project was documented
  7. What operations installed
  8. How the customer was billed
  9. How it was supported
  10. What the customer really needed
The Project Cartoon site has more variations and larger downloads of the cartoon. It is still not clear to me who owns the original copyright on this image.
I posted before about "serious" cartoons in presentations here.

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