For those readers who are not directly involved in the high tech industry (and are not reading Fred Wilson's blog on a daily basis), have a look at this presentation:
  • It is designed using the big images/big fonts style, one that is very suitable for online viewing (we are all impatient clickers).
  • The interesting content makes us click through all the 263 pages, and the key messages will stick in our heads as a result. Something that is hardly the case with most 30-pagers in this style on SlideShare.
  • The presentation is a potpourri of styles but I do not think this is a problem (You can see presentation Zen images, Tom Peters-style giant words, Back of the Napkin sketches). They are all used to build the case: some set the mood, some focus us to pause (and read a detailed quote), some explain a concept.
  • Hey, what about the title for this blog post? If you use 263 images, you have a new technique at your disposal: repeat. Images of Madison Avenue, or Egyptian cave art work bring the reader back to previous points in the presentation. Almost like a TV series such as "Desperate Housewives" in which each episode as a handful of almost independent sub-plots.

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