"Frankensteining", what a brilliant verb! Most people have been tempted to stitch together a slide deck quickly by yanking slides from old and/or other people's PowerPoint presentations.
  1. Open all presentations, go to slide sorter mode
  2. Copy and paste any slide that looks vaguely relevant into a new file. It is even cooler when you know this little trick on how to preserve formats when copying slides across.
  3. Re-shuffle the order of the slides and add agenda tracker pages
  4. Skip the bit about practicing
  5. Done in 1 hour and 34 minutes
It will not be surprising that the end result is not a good presentation. It is not your story, you do not completely understand it, and if you do not understand it, the audience won't either.
The better way to Frankenstein:
  1. Sketch your story on a piece of paper
  2. Add simple slides to support the key elements of the story
  3. Go back to the graveyard of old slides to add backup slides where you need them ("here is the full architecture of our global CRM system, as you can see it is really complex" [* click next slide *])

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