Many presentations start with a summary page, and most of them are stuck in the middle. They give a bit more information than "I am going to tell you why this is the best investment in cloud computing that you can make" and a bit less information than what is needed for the message to stick (the audience internalizing the logic in their head, and more importantly, their heart).
Worst case scenario: you give the presentation twice: spending 20 minutes on the summary page (which the audience does not understand), then repeating the whole story in the presentation (which bores the audience that misses the details and nuances "oh, we covered that already"). Blackberry on, attention off.
So, have the courage to keep the summary page really, really short. On the first page, tell the audience vaguely in what "box" they should put you in. "We do cloud computing platforms". Then use a fast-paced sequence of slides to explain the idea that you try to get across. So, now your audience knows, feels, and understands.
After this, the more traditional stuff can come in, even summarized by an agenda page or summary.

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