PowerPoint 2010 has now incorporated some of the shape manipulation techniques that until now were the domain of Adobe Illustrator: union, combine, subtract, and intersect (read my earlier PowerPoint 2010 review here).

Until now, I never got into understanding Illustrator. Until now, because I (ironically) start to experiment with integrating more hand-drawn shapes into my presentations (I am even thinking of picking up my old highschool habit of drawing cartoons of people). Fonts are no issue (earlier post). The line/curve manipulations capabilities of Illustrator however are still far better than PowerPoint.

Here is how to move an Illustrator shape into PowerPoint, not just as an image, but as an editable vector object.
  1. In Illustrator export your shape in an EMF format
  2. In PowerPoint, select "insert picture" (a bit counter intuitive)
  3. Right-click the object and un-group it. Say "yes" to the question whether you want to convert it
Converting is this simple. Unfortunately, understanding Illustrator is not...

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