I often have to explain the concept of "the curse of knowledge": it is actually harder for an expert to explain something than a reasonably intelligent outsider (here is why presentation designers should be reasonably intelligent :-) ).

Dan and Chip Heath use a musical metaphor in their book "Made to Stick":
  1. The presenter thinks of a musical piece and imagines the full symphony orchestra giving all it can
  2. He taps the tune with his fingers on the desk, it all makes perfect sense
  3. The audience sees/hears someone tapping...
For executives who are keen to load their slides with data for an external audience, I use the cockpit analogy. A pilot can interpret all the signals of all the instruments in a split second and understands the situation the plane is in. The novice needs a bit more time to digest the information...

Thank you Brett Morrison for this beautiful picture of a Space Shuttle cockpit.

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