Regular readers will have noticed that I am reading up on typography lately. Some basic understanding of typography can improve the quality of your presentation designs dramatically. The book Thinking with Type (affiliate link) by Ellen Lupton is one of the most useful ones I read so far. Clear explanations of all the basic concepts with great examples. It comes with great online resources on the Thinking with Type website, covering a lot of material of the book. (See the type crime section, and how I use the wrong quotation marks all the time on this blog).

Earlier reviews of typography books:
  • Just my type, stories about the most important fonts and their designers, useful information, entertaining reading (and great dinner party stories).
  • 20th century type, a more scientific overview of fonts and designers of the past century.
  • 1000 fonts, just what the title says
  • Design elements, a broader review of graphic design concepts
  • Bibliographic, an overview of classic graphic design books

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