A startup pitching to a giant:
  • This will save you millions of cost!
  • Your users are asking for it!
  • We enable you to break into new markets!
  • Your competitors already have something like this!
25 minutes later with 5 minutes left: "convinced?"

"Yeah sure, but we have a policy not to work with startups that might go bankrupt tomorrow..."

It is important to find out the major concern of the giant before pitching. When someone mumbles in a phone call that they have a policy not to work with startups, it is most likely not a side comment. Focus your pitch on this issue. Not explicitly, but in between the lines.
  • Show your blue chip investor base
  • Show the partnerships you have with very established players
  • Show your positive cash flow
  • Show your customer list
  • Show them anything that might support the point
The real battle is here. Maybe it is a hard one to win, but at least you should try.

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