I always preach that the look and feel of an investor presentation should match the brand identity of the company.

Abercombie & Fitch sticks to this principle. See the investor presentation here.  The Footnote website comments:
We counted no fewer than 13 slides that featured shirtless dudes baring their pecs. That’s nearly 20% of the slides in the 67-slide deck. The PowerPoint was part of the company’s Investors Day earlier this week. The presentation seems to have gone well, judging by this brief WSJ article that notes that Abercrombie stock climbed over 8% on Tuesday, in part, it seems, based on the bullish projections made during the presentation. So there was some substance in between the eye-candy slides.
On a more serious note, this investor presentation has some good and bad practices. The good:
  • Muted formatting
  • The use of maps to highlight global expansion
  • The real images of the customer excitement in the stories
Things that could have been done better:
  • Too many bullet points, the numbers would have looked even more impressive if they were put into data charts
  • I like the big bold "$1.0bn" type text across the maps, just don't put financial data in red.
Thank you Robert Lakin. Image by Abercombie & Fitch.

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