I am in the middle of writing a book using Apple iBook creator platform, and hopefully it will see the light of day soon. Sorting out ISBNs and US tax numbers is almost more difficult than writing the book itself.

Other people have written extensively about why bullet points are a bad idea, my book will be a highly pragmatic and practical guide that helps you put a slide deck together that gets you funded, lands you a sale or delivers your Board approval.

This iBook format is wonderful, I can use text, slideshows, images, and interestingly videos which makes it easy to put software advice inside using a simple screen cast (software explanations are hard and very boring to put in text). And best of all, I can update the book with new content pretty much like apps update on your iPad, which allows me to ship early and improve content over time.

So, ultimately my book will be an iPad app that is open at your desk when you are putting your slides together at home, or in the office. The content is not frozen yet, so please let me know if there are specific issues I should cover, and I will see if I can incorporate them in the flow.

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