During a project briefing I usually take the role of the potential investor and start to ask questions that are not necessarily related to the page we are on. You try to understand the company, tick off the boxes that are obvious and are left with a few questions that are not clear. A good investor presentation should anticipate the investor’s thought process and provide the answers right at the moment they are needed, but hey, we are still at the briefing phase so no need to be perfect yet.

So, in a one on one meeting (where you can accomodate a slightly more chaotic story flow), when the investor asks you a question, answer it. Skipping/ignoring it and continuing to go down the list of product benefits (we are flexible, scalable, and deliver ROI) does not neutralize that nagging worry in the investor’s mind. Answering is probably not that difficult for you, acquiring the patience to listen is.


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