Giving your presentation over and over again makes you a better story teller. You need to know your stuff inside out in order to be spontaneous. Pretty much like a musician who can only start to improvise after the basic song can be delivered on auto pilot.

But, some presenters go to the other extreme, they get bored of their own presentation. Energy levels drop, and slides get cut and reduced to generic bullet points that say it all. They say it all to the experienced presentation, they say nothing to the novice audience who hears the story for the first time.

So, how can you freshen up a presentation? Some thoughts
  • The most important one: now that you are more confident about your story, you can move toward much more daring and unconventional slides.
  • Add stories or anecdotes
  • Go for a totally new look and feel (dark background, light text)
But different slides can only do so much. In the end you have to power yourself up to tell that story the way did it the first time to your audience who hears it for the first time.

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