The presentation creation and sharing app Bunkr has not appeared on my radar screen until recently. The company raised EUR 1m in a recent fund raising round. In the not too distant future, I am becoming a player in the market myself, so I am watching developments with interest.

I clicked around a little bit in the application and here is my impression. Things I like:
  • Snappy, fast, clean user interface
  • Nice intelligent rulers to snap your objects against
  • Social technology integration (Disqus comments on slides)
  • Online image search integration (Google images, Flickr), but watch those usage rights
  • Easy sharing and embedding
  • Different objects for titles and paragraphs, not just a text box
  • No bullet point template when you create a new slide
My main comment is, is that all PowerPoint alternatives in the market, still stick with the same fundamental approach to slide design and drawing on a computer screen that has been around since the 1980s. And that is the problem I am trying to solve 24/7, and it is not easy...

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