After 3 months of hard work, your project is finished and you have been invited by the CEO to present the results. What to do?

  • Wrong: present the project process. This is the team, this is when we kicked off, then we did this, then we did that, then we involved this, then we did that.
  • Wrong: put the entire document in PowerPoint and present the full detail of all the analysis, wait with the conclusion until the very last slide
  • Wrong: give a very high level fluffy summary full of buzzwords

So what is right?

  • A very short background of the project and who was involved
  • A clear articulation of the decisions you want approved
  • Detailed backup/rationales for decisions that are not "no brainers" (a complicated trade off of multiple factors, an analysis with surprising/counter-intuitive results)

Not presenting all the work does not mean it was a waste of time. It was necessary work to get you to suggest the decisions.

Art: 1965/1 - ∞: Detail 2.289.862 - 2.307.403, Roman Opalka, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, image by Esther Westerveld

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