In spreadsheets, I have now moved from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets as my favourite app.

  • It is faster to fire up quickly for a small calculation doodle
  • It also snappier in use to do the basic things, entering data and moving around
  • It has some neat functions (like automatically cutting up a string and putting all words, numbers in subsequent columns)
  • While I don't believe in online collaboration of presentations, for models it is actually useful that all the people in the team have access to the laters numbers 24/7
  • Filing and naming of presentation documents is usually pretty organised. With spreadsheets however, I always lose that calculation I did, and the Google search function is really helpful here.

Part of this might be rooted in the way I use spreadsheets: basic functions only, even for the biggest models. I "grew up" with Lotus 123 and early on in my McKinsey career realised that errors in a valuation model can make a difference of billions of dollars. A simple model is far easier to debug because it allows you to see every step in the calculation.