If you are struggling to get traction with your investor presentation, it is worthwhile to try to find out where the bottleneck is:

  • Do investors understand what I am trying to do?
  • Do investors understand that this is a big problem/opportunity?
  • Do investors understand that someone can make a big business out of this?
  • Do investors understand that I am the person who can make a big business out of this?

These are slightly different questions than the ideas entrepreneurs often have:

  • My slides do not look "slick" or professional enough, let's add some colour
  • The story flow is not completely right, let's talk about the market earlier
  • We have not put in aggressive enough financial forecasts, let's bump it up to $100m
  • We did not put in that Gartner total market number for 2016
  • We are not mentioning the right buzzwords, let's add a few
  • The deck is too long, let's cut it down to 5 slides by combining pages
  • We should use Keynote or Prezi, PowerPoint is stale
  • We should invest in a video clip
  • The deck needs more animated slides
  • AirBNB raised a lot of money, let's copy their pitch deck