Business speak is full of cliches, and when you take a cliche headline, and use a cliche image composition to visualise it, you get a cliche ad:

Screenshot 2017-11-05 12.21.33.png

The small print in the ad:

Always one step ahead of the game: Predictions prove a bright future for you. Out autonomous vehicle will be safer, smarter and instinctively more brilliant than anything on the road

On the web site, it has a slightly different version of this (which is actually clearer and gets to the point what the ad means):

Always one step ahead of the game: Complex driving environment requires driver’s fast decision making and responsiveness. Autonomous Ioniq detects and protects its driver even before driver notices hazardous driving situations on the road. Hyundai Motor Company steps forward to bring safe driving environment for everyone.

The ad agency should have picked another visualisation to support their message. The current one is a cliche visual, but also the slow-paced chess does not connect to snap second decisions that can save lives.

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