Team slides are tricky: there is so much to tell when you have 3 people with a 20 year career. Where to start?

I tend to split the problem in 2: put complete bio slides in the presentation appendix, and focus on a few messages about what makes that team special in the main presentation. What is the story of the team?

  • Do they have diverse, complimentary backgrounds?
  • Have they worked for very famous companies?
  • Have they founded and sold a lot of businesses before?
  • Do they have very unique scientific knowledge?
  • Do they have a particularly long work experience?
  • Are they a proven team, that has worked together in the past?

Each of these messages merits a completely different slide. The slide below would be an example that covers the last of the above points, a team that goes back a long time together. Rather than dry bullet points describing their background, I laid out the "CVs" horizontally on a timeline, and make very strong visual connections for periods where people overlapped at a company.

Screenshot 2017-12-19 11.03.01.png

Feel free to copy the design, or download the slide from the SlideMagic template store.

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