Presentations go stale over time. Watch your slides. You might not see it, the audience will. 

  • PowerPoint 2010 fonts, colors
  • Out of date logos (of your company, but also customers, competitors, partners)
  • Inconsistent formatting between pages
  • Analogies to over-used, old, example companies ($1 dollar shave club, MySpace, etc. etc.)
  • Growing slides: company history, company events, customer logo overviews, every year another column gets added and the others get squeezed

But what I most often see is that the founder still pitches her deck the same way she got her seed funding (with success). A few years on, the company has moved on, and the investor concerns have moved on. Yes, the technology is still great, but you don't need to convince anyone that that is the case. But what about that traction with customers?

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