The number of screens on which your presentation will be viewed is expanding:

  • Laptop screen (office)
  • Mobile device (airport)
  • High quality desktop screen (the one the designer is using)
  • Crappy VGA projector (conference room)
  • Old Plasma screen (conference booth)
  • Super High Definition giant LCD monitor (CEO office)
  • Crappy office paper printer (old school manager giving handwritten comments)
  • High quality paper printer at a print shop (investment bankers)

Do a test run on one of these devices if that is the one that is critical to your presentation, and adjust colors accordingly. The result might be a presentation that only looks good on that display, you have to keep separate files. The crappy office printer version has gray shadings that are far too blunt for the HD monitor, the crappy VGA project version has no thin fonts.

Image via WikiPedia

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