I noticed that among successful investors you will find a lot of introverts. People that don't mind working in relatively small companies, like to mull things over, don't get career satisfaction with being the new sales director which can address the entire company at the next sales kick off meeting. Quietly, these investors did some good deals over the years, and as a result managed to raise subsequents funds. (No offense to extravert successful investors, I know many of them as well).

But be sure to take feedback from these type of investors seriously. She might mumble: "the differentiation versus competitor [X] is not clear", followed by silence. This is not feedback about redrawing the competitor slide, this is not feedback about reshuffling the order of the slides in the deck, this is not an invitation to repeat your 3 arguments one more time (this time a lot louder). This might be well-thought through fundamental objection against investing in your company, she understood your arguments perfectly well, she simply does not believe them.

Sweater featured in the picture seems to originate here.

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