Apologies for the quiet blog this week. I am extremely busy ironing out the SlideMagic 2.0 app. This week the focus is on tightening the integration with the Windows and Mac operating systems:

  • Designing app and file icons that look good and stand out next to other desktop icons (clutter)

  • Linking those icons with the ‘.magic’ file extension on a computer

  • Making sure double clicking icons, recent files, recent files in the dock, etc. works

  • Certifying the app both with Apple and with a certification agency for Windows so that double clicking an installer does not generate scary security warnings

  • Adding SSL security to file downloads

  • Accept-cookie banners, and other regulatory issues

To be continued. Beta testers can check in now and then to download a later version of the installer, I am putting a new one up almost every day now.

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