Almost all presentations I design are highly confidential. Presentations of publicly traded companies to stock analysts are an exception. Recently I supported Psion in designing their 2009 preliminary results presentation.
Most of you will remember Psion as one of the pioneers of PDAs and the Symbian operating system. After some M&A transactions, Psion today is a leader in the field of rugged portable devices used in ports, in warehouses and by police forces, just to name a few customer segments.
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Psion Preliminary Results Presentation
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Some comments:
  • The presentation contains a few animations that did not come through in the PDF file
  • As with most analyst presentations, the number pages in the presentation are very dense, almost similar to a printed page from an annual report. Most of the people in the audience will have followed Psion's financial statements for many years and are looking for a complete picture of this year's results versus the previous period which they probably know by heart.
  • The dark corporate template of Psion provided an interesting challenge and created a very distinctive look and feel.
  • Interestingly, this presentation was not just about presenting a stack of numbers, but the announcement of a major new strategic direction for the company: a modular product platform. It was a challenge to fit this into a 30 minute presentation, and many tough decisions had to be made on what slides to cut out of the deck.

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