The wide-spread use of smartphones has given almost anyone a camera in their pocket, all the time. So it has become really easy to collect some great pictures for your company presentation, even at the last minute. You could take them yourself, or email a colleague in a remote office to go out on a photo shoot. The images you are likely to get are going to be far better than the shot of the corporate logo behind the reception desk.
  • A group shot of the team replacing high school year book mug shots of the management team
  • Your products on display in a store
  • People having coffee at the annual sales rep gathering
  • One of your (branded) trucks driving off full of product in the early morning
  • The 1 liter bottle filling line in full swing
  • A store front of your New Delhi shop
  • A downtown billboard with an ad for your company on it (not the ad itself)
  • A hazy shot of the rock concert you sponsored last year
Even if you cannot use all these images as slides in your deck,  these photos can make great backgrounds for separator pages that divide up the sections of your deck.

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