The answer: yes, I think investors love to double-click an attachment, but they should not be doing it because they gave up on reading the uninspiring cover letter.

Many cold investor emails make a couple of mistakes:

  1. Non-descriptive subject line
  2. A cover letter in the body text that is far to long, full of buzzwords, and vague about what next step you actually want
  3. As an attachment, the full investor presentation, or maybe even the full business plan

Remember what your objective of a cold investor email is: not landing the investment, but creating the opening for the next interaction (probably a phone call). So:

  1. Use the space you have in the subject line to make sure your email gets opened ([x] suggested I contact you
  2. Write a very short and to the point "cover letter" (a few sentences) in which you explain what you and hint at why it is a great business opportunity. Ask what you want to achieve (a phone call?)
  3. Attach a few highly visual slides that focus on what would normally be the opening of your full investor presentation: a rough description what you do, a reminder of the pain you are trying to solve, and the brilliant solution.

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